Technical Specificetions of Pattern

Pouya Baf textile industry tries to play a constructive role in meeting the modern market needs by manufacturing different plain, patterned, and colorful shirt fabrics .Categories and productions of the company are classified as follows :

Plain and patterned white fabrics : these products are manufactured according to customers’ orders for dying and preparation for finishing processes, and are classified to groups whose warp, weft, or both can be dyed .

Plain and patterned colored fabrics : These products are weaved by using colored warps or colored weft. In case one phase is colored, the phase on the other side will dye.ths product will be prepared to go to the markets after finish process .

Plain and patterned colored checked fabrics : in This product has colored warp and weft in both phases; in other words, the final figure of the fabric is revealed. this product will not be dyed and after finishing process will go to he markets .

Serge 1/2 1/3 : These products have twill pattern and are mainly made up of cotton-polyester yarns. They are used to make different mantua, trouser and shirt .

Silk : The delicate texture of this pattern has led to the production of the most unique product of the company .

Satin : Satin is used in foreign and fancy clothes as well as decorative curtains. Regarding its capability in manufacturing this kind of texture, the company has revealed its ability in producing this product with the highest quality, and has reached the required standards in production .

Rips of warp and weft : These fabrics are often known to belong to medium or semi-heavy category and can be used as trousers fabrics and thick cloth .

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