Aims and Mainstream

Pouya Baf mainstream :

With regard to its major goal to manufacturing different kinds of plain or patterned shirt fabrics, and by relying on breakthroughs in this area, experience and  perseverance of workers, moving forward in the way to sustainable development, as well as taking actions for recent improvements and changes, Pouya Baf textile industry is fully committed to the following principles:
1 - Increasing customers’ satisfaction
2 - Providing the ground for high-quality production and supplying them to related international markets.
3 - Increasing the quota of market by constant qualitative and quantitative improvements
4 - Extending standard work culture, establishing order, and close bonds among all workers and the related environment
5 - Optimization and accurate monitoring of energy resources in order to prevent their contamination and optimal performance .
6 - Honesty, trust, commitment to ethics, mutual respect, disciplined team work, feeling responsible, and paying tribute to workers’ dignity and integrity


Pouya Baf Aims :

1 - Striving for customers’ satisfaction
2 - Achieving an appropriate and educational organizational pattern
3 - Maintaining and upgrading the quality of materials
4 - Giving rise to innovation and creativity in Iranian textile industry
5 - Striving for reaching an excellent productive pattern
6 - Absorbing creative university elites and researchers
7 - Number one exporter of the country

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