Pouya Baf is distinctive.

Pouya Baf started off its activities by intensively manufacturing light shirt fabrics in 2003. Initially, the company’s production would merely include plain shirt and cotton   fabrics . By the advances made in technical and specialized areas of the system and reliance on modern and updated technology in the world, manufacturing various  patterned fabrics with qualities higher than domestic and foreign products became our priority. Pouya Baf has always tried to distinguish itself from its rivals by considering  and shedding light on customers’ satisfaction, innovation, specialty, and creativity in textile industry. Thanks to managers’ and workers’ hard work, this  company has taken remarkable steps in this path so far. In order to express its view and the way ahead of it, the company has gotten its foot in the door of production  with the slogan “weave your dream” to put all everything that comes to customers’ and designers’ mind into practice, and to reply to their demands and ideas

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